Behind our backs: words from those who know the jensen sisters

"we have been so fortunate to cross paths with so many amazing people...thank you to everyone who has contributed to this page, it means a lot." 

-Kendra & Kansas


“I met these girls last summer while touring with Chris Stapleton. They interviewed me for their hometown newspaper and really impressed me. I told them this the day I met them, but The Jensen Sisters are two of the most driven and focused people I’ve ever met. I wish I was that driven earlier on…I wish I was that focused now. They also have such a warm disposition about them and were easy to talk to.”
Brent Cobb
Country Musician/Grammy Nominee
Nashville, TN

"The Jensen Sisters are one of the most talented country music acts in northern Minnesota, but there's a lot more to them than that. They interviewed us Barn Boys for the Grygla Eagle last year, and they did their homework!We were impressed. They made lifelong fans out of us. They're fun, sweet, smart AND talented! All the best to you girls, all ways! Terry Ruud- The Back Behind the Barn Boys"
Terry Ruud

Musician, Back Behind the Barn Boys member

Dilworth, MN


“We are so happy to have The Jensen Sisters’ Gypsy Outlaw Radio Show on Pioneer 90.1! Their excellent choices of music and genuine sisterly banter make the show so much fun to listen to. They have a very bright future! Tune in Thursdays from 8-10pm and Mondays 10am-Noon.”
Mark Johnson
Station Manager, Pioneer 90.1 FM, Northland Community & Technical College
Thief River Falls, MN



"Over these past four decades in the music business. I have enjoyed watching young talent grow musically, making it an important part of their life. The Jensen Sisters certainly have and are bringing a fresh and enjoyable presence to the music scene. Keep it up!! I'll be watching!
JD Kezar
Kezar Music
Thief River Falls, MN


“I love listening to The Jensen Sisters and they inspire my own children! They are just kind, sweet young women who purely love to sing. If it’s a small crowd or a large gathering, they always do their best because they love it. I think it’s amazing to book these ladies at Pioneer Village, local fashion shows, hockey games or wherever else we can get them to sing!”
Jamie Bakken
Director, Peder Engelstad Pioneer Village
Thief River Falls, MN



“These sisters have what you want to hear and we love to hear them sing!”
Church of Cash
Country Music Band
Minneapolis, MN


“I was first introduced to The Jensen Sisters by Acacia of Belle Hiver Photography. They came in to do a photo shoot full of personality, ambition and ready to take on whatever happened that day. We walked around downtown Grand Forks and, without fear, they started performing songs in the alley, coffee shop and boutiques! I feel that just shows their determination for being so young in age!”
Carly Ranten
Makeup Artist, Carly Irene Artistry
Grand Forks, ND



“Kendra and Kansas Jensen are two very ambitious girls with the desire to pursue their talent and are not afraid to go after their dreams. They have a down-home personality and always wear a sweet smile. The Goodridge Freedom Festival had the pleasure of booking the girls to perform at our annual festival and we are so looking forward to having them back.”
Berny Vraa
Coordinator, Goodridge Freedom Festival



“These talented girls know how to entertain a crowd. They’ve even wrote an original song about our hometown bar that we love to have them sing!”
Shannon Moen
Manager, Goodridge Municipal Liquor Store
Goodridge, MN



“Kendra and Kansas are very sweet and have very big hearts. They are always able to see the best in people and they never give up on something they truly believe in.”
Becky Carlson
Principal, Goodridge High School
Goodridge, MN


“The Jensen Sisters are amazing. I love their ability to dream and make things happen for themselves. I am impressed by their hard work.”
Kim Bolinske
Owener/Operator, Higher Grounds Coffee Shop
Fergus Falls, MN